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Mr. Lewis


My name is Jacob Lewis and art won't leave me alone. It pervades every corner of my life. As an art teacher, I focus on developing students' ability to communicate through the visual language. I have a strong distaste for hand turkeys and making "stuff" for the sake of just making "stuff". I believe the world is overstuffed and needs better ideas, not more stuff.

I love learning with my students and especially get excited when something insightful or wise springs forth from the magical beard of truthiness. I work very hard to create a positive and empowering classroom and get really bummed out when students are apathetic.

When not trying to be a teacher I am busy trying to be an entrepreneur with RASA Easels, a small company I co-founded that designs and manufactures the first ever artist easelpad. I try really hard to have quality time with my family in the midst of my craziness, and occasionally still find time to make music and personal artworks. 

 I am reminded of why I love teaching when I see a student grow in a way that makes them excited about who they are.

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