Degrees and Certifications:

BS - Chemistry MEd - High School Curriculum & Instruction Missouri Certifications: General Science - Grades 5-9 Biology - Grades 9-12 Chemistry - Grades 9-12 Physics - Grades 9-12 Mathematics - Grades 9-12

Mrs. April Plyler

     Teaching science and mentoring middle and high school students are my passions.  To see amazement and understanding in my students drives me to guide more students to question the world around them.  The world is filled with many things that are not understood.  My students are challenged to think beyond the book and current knowledge. They will dream about how they can discover breakthroughs, unravel mysteries, and refute accepted ideas!

     We will investigate the concepts of each science through reading, writing, and discussion. I am excited to see how students mature in their ability to conduct scientific argumentation. We will strive to not only survive but thrive in everything we do here at McKinley CLA!