• K. Rao in the classroom
    Name: Mrs. Kelli Rao
    Email: kelli.rao@slps.org
    Please use this link to book tutoring.
    B.A. in English- May 2003 (University of Texas at Austin)
    Teaching Certification- Dec. 2004 (St. Edward's University)
    M.A. in Gifted Education- Aug. 2015 (Lindenwood University)
    Room Number(s): 251
    Subject(s): 8th grade ELA
    6th grade Speech/Drama
    Google voice number:
    Messages are forwarded to my personal email. 
    Office hours: 
    A days- 12:30- 3:00 pm (8th grade team meets on Wed.)
    B days- 6:50- 8:20 am 
    A days- P.1, P.2, P.3
    P.1- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 
    P.2- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 
    P.3- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 
    B days- P.6, P.7, P.8
    P.6- 6th Speech/Drama- Asynchronous time 
    P.7- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 
    P.8- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 
    UPDATE: 5.17.21
    Good evening,
    I gather that there has been some confusion regarding grades.
    I imported current ELA class grades to the end of term gradebook on Friday 5.14.21. They are not finalized grades- but they do show where students are performing right now.
    Each teacher may indicate an earlier date for turning in missing/ makeup work.
    This is to make sure that the last week that students have access to district issued devices (before 5.28.21) that we will be able to reach students who still need to get their grades up.
    We will continue to work with students who need extra support and have extenuating circumstances. The grade file closes on June 4th at 10 am. Any changes after that time can only be made with administrative approval.
    For my class, students should turn in all missing/makeup work by 5.24.21 at 2:30 pm.
    Thank you!
    Some assignments cannot be made up late. STAR tests must be completed by 2 pm on Wednesday 5.19.21 to get credit in SIS.
    Welcome. Thank you for taking time to learn about the teachers at McKinley CJLA. 
    This year, I teach students taking 8th grade ELA classes, and 6th grade Speech and Drama. In 2020-21, I am continuing the National Board Certification process as an Exceptional Needs Specialist for Gifted students- submitting my written components in April 2021.
    Biography: Port Arthur, Texas is my hometown. I lived in Austin, TX for 9 years. I attended The University of Texas at Austin and graduated with an English major. I completed my educator's certificate requirements at St. Edwards' University in Austin. In August 2008, I moved to St. Louis, MO to live closer to my sister, and I began teaching with SLPS at Northwest Academy of Law- a choice high school in Walnut Park. At Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO, I completed my masters' degree in Gifted Education in August 2015.
    I spent 4 years teaching in Austin, TX, and I've spent 6 school years teaching high school at Northwest Academy of Law in SLPS. 2020-21 school year is my sixth year teaching ELA at McKinley, my first year teaching 8th grade ELA. I've completed 15 full school years as a teacher! YESSSS.
    I have a son who will be five in November. My husband is the development director at Employment Connections.