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    Name: Amy Hemmer
    Room Number(s): 251
    Subject(s): 8th Grade ELA and 6th Grade Drama
    Teacher Message:
    Tuesday, March 31, 2020
    I am currently in the process of figuring out Microsoft Teams which is the platform that the district has chosen for teachers to use to communicate with students and parents and to post and collect assignments.  You will be receiving an invitation at your SLPS email address to join the Team later this week.  
    Microsoft Teams offers both a Chat feature and a face-to-face digital option for communicating, and I plan on using both.  I will keep daily office hours where I will be availlable to communicate with parents and students.  Those hours are Monday-Friday 11-12 and 1-2.  This will start Monday, April 6th.
    For now, please email anytime and I will get back to you! amy.hemmer@slps.org 
    I do miss seeing you all and I would love to hear from you!
    Biography:  I spent my childhood huddled under a pile of books in Spanish Lake, Missouri.  At age 15 my parents and I moved to Mesa, Arizona.  I finished high school there and then kept the Westward migration going by heading out to California for college.  I received my teaching certificate in Elementary Education from Humblodt State University in waaaaay Northern California among the redwood trees. From there I was city bound, living in San Francisco for a few years postponing my impending adulthood.  From there I headed south to spend several years teaching in Costa Rica and Guatemala.  I tapped into my pioneering spirit when I opened a school on the beach that served ex-pat primary-age kids and middle-aged sportfishing Captains needing to learn English.  Once I turned thirty, I wanted to move back to St. Louis!  Why?  Who leaves the tropics for St. Louis?!  Well, I was feeling the pull of the tide of my gene pool in the form of a ton of family on both sides of the river.   I wanted to teach in a more established system.  I wanted to buy a house.  I was ready for the proverbial settling down.  And I have.  I started teaching at McKinley just a few months after my return to my Midwestern roots.  I have taught at McKinley for 17 years in sixth, seventh and eighth grade.  I live in Benton Park with my eight year old daughter.  I love sharing literature with young people and helping them improve as communicators in their writing, speaking and listening.