• Social Studies, CTE, and World Languages Departments:
    James Baker (8th Grade Social Studies): Room #236
    Romie Harris - CTE Chair (HS CTE): Room #312
    Kevin Kelly (8th Grade & HS Spanish) : Room #306
    Margaret Licklider (MS Spanish): Room #250 
    Brian Miller (6th Grade Social Studies): Room #152 
    Sofia Ross-Yakubovska (MS French): Room #244
    Barbara Sarich - World Languages Chair (8th Grade & HS French): Room #305
    Debbie Schmidt - Social Studies Chair (8th Grade Social Studies): Room #238
    Ellis Smith (HS Social Studies): Room #323
    Miriam Townsend (HS CTE): Room #204
    Kristen Wimbley (HS Social Studies): Room #311
    * For class-specific information, visit the teachers' webpages in the Faculty section of this website.