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  • New policy: No Cell Phone Bell-to-Bell

    McKinley has instituted a new No Cell Phone Bell-to-Bell Policy.  This policy will go into effect on February 26, 2024.

    McKinley Classical (Middle and High School) Leadership Academy

    No Phone Policy: Bell-to-Bell

    POLICY EFFECTIVE DATE: February 26, 2024

    Policy Statement:

    At McKinley Classical (Junior) Leadership Academy, we recognize the importance of maintaining an environment conducive to learning, focused on academic growth, and fostering interpersonal skills. In alignment with these principles, the school institutes a no-phone policy from bell-to-bell during school hours. This policy aims to minimize distractions, enhance student engagement, and promote a culture of attentiveness and respect within the learning environment.

    Policy Guidelines:

    1. Prohibition of Phone Usage:
      • Students are prohibited from using mobile phones during class time, from the moment the bell rings to begin class until the bell rings to dismiss class.
      • The use of phones for any purpose, including texting, calling, social media, gaming, or internet browsing, is strictly prohibited during instructional time (including restroom breaks during class).  Students may use their phone during passing periods, lunch, and with teacher permission.  Students should be mindful that on-time attendance to class and late arrival will result in a tardy mark to classes.
    1. Consequences for Violation:
      • First and Second Instances: Upon the first instance of phone usage during prohibited hours, the student will receive a verbal warning from their teacher.  A second instance will result in a parent contact via email and/or phone.
      • Third Instance: The student will be assigned a lunch detention to be served within three days of the violation. During this detention, the student will reflect on the importance of adhering to the school's policies and guidelines (the student is required to eat their lunch in the detention room).  The teacher will email the parent notice of the lunch detention.
      • Fourth Instance: The child will be referred to an administrator, their phone will be confiscated, and the parent/guardian will be required to come to the school to retrieve the student's phone.

    Policy Implementation:

    • Classroom teachers and school staff will actively monitor students to ensure compliance with the no-phone policy, through aggressive monitoring of student engagement.
    • Any observed instances of phone usage during prohibited hours will be documented promptly, and consequences will be applied consistently in accordance with the outlined guidelines.
    • The teacher will maintain communication with parents/guardians regarding their child's adherence to the policy and any consequent disciplinary actions.  On the fourth incident, the school administration will communicate with the parent.


    The no-phone policy at McKinley Classic (Junior) Leadership Academy is essential for fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and develop essential interpersonal skills. Through the consistent implementation of this policy and the associated consequences for violations, we aim to uphold the highest standards of conduct and respect within our school community.

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  • Boys Basketball Senior Night

    Senior Night for the Boys Basketball Team will be on 2/13/2023 v. Roosevelt @ McKinley

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  • NJHS Applications Now Available

    Applications for membership in the National Junior Honor Society are now available and will be accepted until March 15.   

    Applications may be picked up in Mr. Greenlee's room on the 2nd floor.


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  • Senior Dues and Activities

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  • Call for Middle School Yearbook Photos, please submit your photos...


    Yearbook Photo Request

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  • Students and Faculty, Don't forget to "Voice Your Vote"


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  • HS Boys Basketball Season Schedule

    The HS Boys Basketball Schedule is now available.  Please click HERE to download a copy.

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  • National Junior Honor Society Induction

    The William McKinley Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society recently inducted new members.  Please Click HERE for the program.   A video of the induction ceremony is available HERE.


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  • PTO Fundraising Opportunity


    Please consider donating to the PTO. All of the fun events that are done by the PTO for our students and school community are only possible through our McKinley community support and donations! Details on how to donate can be found here!

    Three easy ways to donate!

    #1 - Donate online here (Middle School) or here (High School) to pay with credit card or e-check.

    #2 - Donate directly using Venmo - @McKinleyPTO-slps

    #3 - Donate by sending a check made out to SLPS Foundation or McKinley CJA PTO (tax-deductible) or McKinley CLA PTO to school and have it put in the PTO mailbox or mail it directly to our treasurer (Terri Gudowicz Green - email for address)

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  • McKinley Investment Club Earns 1st Place

    Congratulations to the McKinley Investment Club on their 1st place win at the Junior Achievement Competition!

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  • Free Math Tutoring Available, beginning November 6

    Study hall and math help will be provided by Mr. Klocke (Room 243). Students may bring anything that they would like to work on. A quiet setting will be provided for students to work, and they will also have the chance for individual math help.


    Students Must Sign Up To Particpate:


    Study Hall Procedures:

    Before Study Hall:

    Before attending any Study Hall session students must complete the form.
    Students will meet in the auditorium AFTER car riders/activities have been dismissed from class. Students should not come directly to room 243.
    Students not in the auditorium by 2:10 will not be permitted to attend Study Hall.


    During Study Hall:

    Students will work on any assignment or activity.
    Students will keep talking to a minimum and at a low volume.
    Individual help will be provided at the students’ request.


    Attendance and dismissal:

                   Students must remain in the classroom until they are released. Bathroom breaks                   are the only exception.

                   Students may leave/be picked up any time, but they will not be allowed to return.

    Students that stay for study hall must immediately leave the building once released to go home.
    Study Hall is not a place for students to hang out and wait for other after school activities.
    Students must be picked up by 5pm. Any student not picked up by 5pm more than once will not be permitted into study hall. 
    Attending Study Hall is a privilege if a student is not productive or fails to follow procedures they will not be permitted to attend.

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    Beable is an online platform that allows for individualized learning.  Through the online platform:

    • Each student receives lessons at the ‘just-right’ level for her needs.
    • Every student in the class reads the same lesson that covers the same core standards, but the lesson is automatically differentiated to match each student’s reading ability. This ensures that the student is acquiring the content knowledge required for the core curriculum and for success on the end-of-course assessments while also building literacy proficiency.
    • The lessons include a set of learning activities designed to assess the student’s comprehension and propel her literacy skills forward. The activities are interactive, aligned to standards and fully tracked and reported to the teacher and school/district leadership team.

    Students’ individualized coursework comprises a combination of academic and special interest content. Academic content is usually assigned and required by the classroom teacher. Students select special interest content on their own, based on their individual interests.

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  • McKinley CLA Recognized by Healthier Generation as One of America's Healthiest Schools

    America’s Healthiest Schools is Healthier Generation’s prestigious annual recognition program that honors schools for implementing best practices to support the physical, mental, and social-emotional health needs of the learning community.  Receiving this award on behalf our school is Health and Physical Education Teacher, who coordinated and led our school in pursuing this recognition, Ms. Laura Thomas.

    Awardees must meet criteria in the Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment, an evidence-informed tool that helps schools identify strengths and opportunities for improving policies and practices to advance health and learning with an integrated approach.

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  • Request Middle School records for students applying to high school(s)

    Please complete the form located at to request your child's records to be sent for high school admissions consideration to SLPS schools and/or non-SLPS schools.

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    When you're ready to schedule a day to shadow at McKinley, please visit our registration form at:


    For more information, please see our informational flyer by CLICKING HERE

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  • McKinley Middle School Admissions Requirements

    Admissions to McKinley Middle School are determined by the SLPS Gifted Education Office in Collaboration with the SLPS Recruitment and Retention Office. 

    Please contact the Recruitment and Retention Office for questions related to the Application Process


    Contact the SLPS Gifted Education Office for More Information about Having your Child tested for Eligibility for Gifted Education Services

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  • McKinley High School Admissions Information

    McKinley Classical Leadership Academy-              2156 Russell 63104  

    Office: 314-773-0027   Fax: 314-244-1833 

    Contacts: Dr. Kaylan Holloway-Principal               Dr. Julie Metzger-Asst. Principal         

    Email to:                                  


    • Completed Magnet Application with McKinley selected as First or Second Choice 

    Eighth Grade McKinley CJA Middle students must apply for the McKinley high school program and meet all requirements listed. 

    • Copy of 6th, 7th and current 8th grade report cards. 
    • MINIMUM Acceptable Grade in all core classes (Math, English, Science, Social Studies) is a C, A and B grades preferred.  With a C grade, student must be proficient or advanced in Communications Arts and Mathematics MAP Scores, or 50th percentile or higher on national normed standardized achievement test. 
    • No out of school or in school suspensions one year prior to admission. In school suspensions may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  
    • 90% or higher attendance rate in the year prior to applying to McKinley. 
    • Applicants must score at or above the 50th percentile level on a standardized test, and in all sub-areas of the test. 
    • One teacher and one administrator letter of recommendation. McKinley 8th graders only need to submit one teacher recommendation. 
    • Administrative Admissions Interview for students which includes a writing prompt essay portion.
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  • Read more about McKinley Classic Leadership Academy's ranking in US News and World Reports.

    USN World Reports Ranking Logo

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  • CLICK HERE for the 2023-2024 A/B Class Calendar

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  • Request a copy of your high school transcript by clicking HERE.

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