Mr. James Baker



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science Degree in History: Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Minor (Social Sciences)

Mr. James Baker

Hello everyone, this is your American History or Psychology Teacher, Mr. Baker. I have been working in education since 2006. Over the years, I have taught for several different schools in different districts. This is my first year with SLPS, and also my first year at Mckinley. I have spent my career working as a American History teacher, World History teacher, percussion/drum set instructor, musician in award winning band that toured, recorded, sold, and licensed music for film and TV, and as a social science researcher. These expriences have given me a deep love for learning, and helped me develop a solid work ethic. I have a four year old that attends St. Louis Public Schools, and my wife works as a school psychologist for Ferguson-Florissant School District. They are both amazing, and we like to spend as much time outside camping, hiking, and kayaking as we can.  


Mr. Baker 

American History Teacher

Psychology Teacher 


Office Hours 

U.S. History 8-10am

Psychology 1-3pm 


James Baker | Middle School Social Studies 

 Dear 7th Grade Students and Families, 


I know this is a trying time for everyone, and I want to thank everyone for their patience as I, as well as other teachers have been rolling out online systems. I will continue to use Microsoft Office Team to post assignments and important updates/information. Microsoft Office Teams is a website and an app that can be used on your computer, tablet or phone. This program will allow students and parents to communicate with myselfand I am still available at All assignments will be posted on Microsoft Office Teams every Monday morning by 8:00 a.m. In addition to Microsoft teams I will post lessons through my email, and I will also post lessons on my website. By posting my lessons in three places I hope to make it easy for everyone. Students can turn in work three ways: through teams, an emailed Word Document/pdf, or by writing their answers to their work, taking a clear picture, and sending their work to my email.  

I will also have a virtual class meeting once a week for approximately 30 minutes. These meeting will take place using Zoom. Zoom will allow the students to see each other and myself while we work through a quick an easy lesson. You will receive an invitation from Zoom with the meeting day, time and password.  

I will also have office hours from 8am-10am, Monday-Friday. During these hours I will be online and available to provide an immediate response to emails and communication through Microsoft Teams. Thank you, parents and students, for continuing to provide and support virtual learning. This is a very new and ever-changing time that we that we are dealing with right now. Please make sure that you are taking a mental break in between working from home, providing virtual learning, and maintaining normalcy in your household.   

Below is un updated syllabus and pacing guide.  

Thank you,  

Mr. Baker  

American History Teacher  





Tests/Extended Assessments 

Performance Tasks (Quizzes, Reports, Certain, DBQ’s, Exit tickets, etc.)  



Exit Tickets and turned in work 

30% of grade 

30% of grade 

15% of grade 

15% of grade 


Pacing Guide/Office Hours 

March 23-April 5 Enrichment, Andrew Jackson Lesson 1-2, Missouri Re-teach, Re-take, introduce policies and procedures 

April 6-10Andrew Jackson Lesson 1-2 Read section, watch Baker zoon videos on website, and complete all questions for full credit, assignments due on Friday by 2:30 pm., office hours 8am-10am,  

April 13-17American Conflict with Indigenous PeopleWestward Movement, assignments due on Friday by 2:30 pm. office hours 8am-10am, 

 April 20-24: Settling Oregon Country, New Spain and the Independence of Texas, Manifest Destiny in California and the Southwest, assignments due on Friday by 2:30 pm, office hours 8am-10am, 

April 27-May 1: Summative assessment, essay prompt, “Did the benefits of Manifest Destiny outweigh the negative consequences?” 5 Paragraph informative essay, assignments due on Friday by 2:30 pm, office hours 8am-10am, james.baker@slps.or

May 4-8New Unit, Society and Culture Before the Civil War, Lessons Industrial Revolution, Industrialization and Immigration, assignments due on Friday by 2:30 pm, office hours 8am-10am, 

May 11-May 15 King Cotton and Life in the South, Abolition, assignments due on Friday by 2:30 pm, office hours 8am-10am, 

May 18-21 Quiz on the mini-unit, due Wednesday by 2:30 (Thursday, my birthday, is last day of school!)