• McKinley ROBOTICS After-School Club

    First Lego League (FLL) AND First Tech Challenge (FTC)

    Greeting Students and Parents,

    My name is Mr. Boeser and I am the FLL/FTC coach at McKinley for the 2022-23 school year. Thank you for your patience, as I know many are excited and anxious to get started with FLL and FTC as soon as possible. First Competitions start in November.

    I will be coaching  one FLL team and one FTC team. The middle school FLL team and the high school FTC teams will each contain 8 members max. I may add and/or subtract students from the Robotics club roster at my professional discretion.

    Since we have more applicants than team spaces, we must be selective which applicants can/will participate. Therefore, we will have an open tryout afterschool in early September. I will email all interested students at the email provided below for the actual tryout date. The tryout date is a great opportunity for students to learn about the club in general.

    Due to the current bus driver shortage, students must have a ride home on the tryout date. We will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 – 4:30pm. Please check to see if any other club meet times create a conflict. Students can leave early if parents wish to pick them up earlier.

    We are always looking for parent volunteers and another coach (as a backup) in case you or someone you know are able and inclined.

    Please fill out the information below and return this entire form promptly if your child is interested such that we have communication about the club and team competitions. I will notify parents via email if/when his/her child is selected for the club (spaces may open up later if not selected initially).


    Mr. B. Boeser

    Robotics club sponsor/FLL/FTC coach                                                 


    (Please Print)

    Student name ______________________________________          Grade level ________

    Previous Robotic/FLL/FTC experience if any:



    Parent/Guardian name (only one required) ____________________________________

    Contact phone # ____________________________ alternate # _ _____________________________________

    Parent e-mail _______________________________________

    Are you able to volunteer? Yes / No   If so, which day(s) _______________________


    Advisor: Mr. Boeser (Brian.Boeser@slps.org)