• K. Rao in the classroom
    Name: Mrs. Kelli Rao
    Email: kelli.rao@slps.org
    B.A. in English- May 2003 (University of Texas at Austin)
    Teaching Certification- Dec. 2004 (St. Edward's University)
    M.A. in Gifted Education- Aug. 2015 (Lindenwood University)
    Room Number(s): 251
    Subject(s): 8th grade ELA
    6th grade Speech/Drama
    Google voice number:
    Messages are forwarded to my personal email. 
    Office hours: 
    A days- 1:30- 3:22 pm (8th grade team meets on Wed.)
    B days- 8:00- 9:45 am (ELA team meets on Thurs.)
    A days- P.1, P.2, P.3
    P.1- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 9- 9:45 am
    P.2- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 10:40- 11:25 am
    P.3- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 12:40- 1:45 pm
    B days- P.6, P.7, P.8
    P.6- 6th Speech/Drama- Asynchronous time 10:40- 11:25 am
    P.7- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 12:40- 1:45 pm
    P.8- 8th ELA- Asynchronous time 2:20- 3:12 pm
    Welcome. Thank you for taking time to learn about the teachers at McKinley CJLA. 
    This year, I teach students taking 8th grade ELA classes, and 6th grade Speech and Drama. In 2020-21, I am continuing the National Board Certification process as an Exceptional Needs Specialist for Gifted students- submitting my written components in April 2021.
    Biography: Port Arthur, Texas is my hometown. I lived in Austin, TX for 9 years. I attended The University of Texas at Austin and graduated with an English major. I completed my educator's certificate requirements at St. Edwards' University in Austin. In August 2008, I moved to St. Louis, MO to live closer to my sister, and I began teaching with SLPS at Northwest Academy of Law- a choice high school in Walnut Park. At Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO, I completed my masters' degree in Gifted Education in August 2015.
    I spent 4 years teaching in Austin, TX, and I've spent 6 school years teaching high school at Northwest Academy of Law in SLPS. 2020-21 school year is my sixth year teaching ELA at McKinley, my first year teaching 8th grade ELA. I've completed 15 full school years as a teacher! YESSSS.
    I have a son who will be four in November. My husband is the development director at Employment Connections.