• Mr. Brock Fierge
    Name: Brock Fierge
    Room Number(s):  237
    Subject(s): 7th and 8th grade Math
    Building Phone:  773-0027



    Teacher Message:
    Welcome students and parents to the 2022-2023 school year! I encourage my students to have a growth mindset. If you can't do something, say "I can't do this...yet!"
     Expectations for Students:
    1. Arrive to class prepared
    2. Ask questions when you don't understand
    3. Communicate
    I graduated from Missouri Baptist University in 2016 and have taught at McKinley CJA since. I've coached basketball and baseball and I am a huge sports fan! When I'm not teaching, I'm either reading, playing hockey or golf, or throwing a ball/toy with my Australian Shepherd (his name is Teddy!) I also play 5 instruments as a hobby.
    I teach because I am addicted to learning! I get to come to school every day and learn from, about, and with students. It's very exciting. And I am excited for this school year and for the future!