• Our Vision

    Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience is an innovative, college-preparatory school with high expectations of its academic team and student body. We embrace and celebrate a highly diverse learning community dedicated to the academic and personal growth of all students. We achieve excellence by engaging in student-centered, experiential learning; integrating effective instructional technology; and utilizing collaborative, real-world learning experiences.

    Our school community believes in a holistic approach to education that encourages student engagement in the humanities, fine arts, sciences, and athletics while fostering interpersonal skills. We implement support programs for our students and value our school’s cultural diversity to create a familial atmosphere with a strong sense of community. We provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests and aspirations through extracurricular and enrichment activities that enable both personal and academic success.

    We support the development of our students as global citizens and local leaders in the community. We nurture civic and social responsibility in our students by requiring participation in community service activities throughout their academic careers. We develop relationships within the biomedical and sciences community through internship opportunities and partnerships with local universities and businesses.

    Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience prides itself on its unique educational calling within the Saint Louis metropolitan area. Upon completion of our rigorous, college preparatory program, students are prepared to excel in higher education and beyond.