• Just in case any of you want to get a head start on getting school supplies for next year, this is the supply list I will send home to my parents. We did not receive class lists before school was out (as we usually do), so we did not send home our school supply lists. I doubt the other two fifth grade teachers will have lists that will be much different from mine, so you should be safe using this as a guide. In my class, school supplies are taken up and handed out as needed, so, please Do Not put your child's name on the supplies and Do Not buy supplies with pictures/designs on them. I can't promise your child will get that particular folder/spiral/composition notebook/pencil etc... when supplies are given out. I do check off to make sure that all students turn in supplies so that a few parents are not furnishing supplies for everyone. 

    Mrs. Wilder's 2022-2023 Fifth Grade Supply List

     2- composition notebooks- NO DESIGNS OR PICTURES PLEASE
     3 -70 page spiral notebook-NO DESIGNS OR PICTURES PLEASE
     2- large pink erasers
     2- boxes of tissue
     3- packages of loose leaf paper
     4 –pocket folders-–With or without prongs-NO DESIGNS OR PICTURES PLEASE
     2 -packages of plain #2 pencils- Decorated pencils stop up our pencil sharpener. MECHANICAL PENCILS ARE NOT ALLOWED
     2 –Large bottles of hand sanitizer
     1 -bottle of liquid glue
     Ear buds
     2 -1.5 inch binders
     2- glue sticks
     1 box of crayons- no more than 24 count
     2 Highlighters
     Regular size plastic supply box for crayons, glue, pencils, scissors and pink eraser