• Morning Arrival

    Students may arrive no earlier than 8:50 AM. There is no adult supervision before this time and children cannot be left unsupervised. Breakfast begins at 8:50. Students who wish to eat breakfast will go to the cafeteria when they arrive. When students are finished eating, they will report to the gym. Students that do not wish to eat breakfast will report directly to the gym. All students in the gym will need to have a book or some other reading material while in the gym. This will not be a time for socializing or free play.  

    Beginning Class

    1. Students will walk to and from all destinations in a quiet, straight line.They will wait at the classroom door until an adult tells them to enter the room. Students should NEVER enter the classroom unless there is an adult in the classroom or instructed to do so by an adult.
    2. At no time are students to separate from the class without teacher permission.
    3. Students will always keep their hands and feet to themselves.
    4. Students will enter the room and go directly to their desk.
    5. Students will be instructed to unpack their book bags quickly and quietly. During this time, they need to get EVERYTHING they need for the day. 
    6. Daily planners, Homework, and Friday folders (these should be returned each Monday with a parent's signature) should be placed in the corresponding basket. 
    7. If students have notes for the teacher etc... they are expected to give them to the teacher at this time.
    8. Students will then begin copying their daily information into their planners. When they finish their planners, they will turn them in to be checked and begin working on assigned classwork.    
    9. While they are working, they will individually put their belongings in the coatroom. This is a quick and silent process. The students will immediately return to their seats and resume what they were working on.
    10. Students will not be allowed to return to the coatroom until the end of the day. If they must get something from the coatroom, they will have a consequence for not following directions and morning procedures.
    11. Students are to use their time wisely. They are not to sit idly or visit with other students during class time. They will always have relative work/practice activities to work on.     

    Sharpening Pencils

    1.  Students will have access to sharpened pencils each day.
    2.  To retrieve a new pencil, the broken/unsharp pencil must be turned in.
    3.  Students will not be allowed to sharpen pencils during instruction time. This practice will be implemented to reduce distractions. There will always be pencils readily available. Students should always have two pencils at their desk. Should both pencils break or need to be sharpened during instruction time, the student should raise their hand and wait to be acknowledged.
    4. The student will then place the broken pencil in the “Dull pencils” container and get a sharpened one from the “Sharp pencils” container. 
    5. Mechanical pencils are not allowed.

    Field Trips

    1. Students will wear school uniforms on every field trip (except for our JA Biztown field trip, they will dress “professionally” with nice clothes or wear their school uniform).
    2. If your child has continuous behavior problems, you may be asked to accompany your child on field trips in order for your child to attend. This is for the safety of your child and the safety of the other children.

     Make-Up Work  

    1. It is imperative that a student is at school if they are to learn and grow as individuals. We understand, however, that situations arise.
    2. When a student is tardy or absent, they will be given the work they missed. They will need to check with me for any make-up work.
    3. The student will have one day for each day absent to complete and return the work to school.


    1. I will continually check for understanding during lessons and throughout the day to make sure students understand skills and concepts. If a student does not understand something, he/she is expected to silently raise their hand and let me know what he/she does not understand.
    2. Students should NOT call out or yell. I will call on the student and the student can ask for clarification.
    3. When another student is asking a question, talking, or offering an opinion, the class is expected to listen silently. This is a sign of respect.
    4. If another student has something they would like to add or offer, they may raise their hands silently, NOT yell out or be disruptive.
    5. If a student does not agree with what is being said and wants to offer their opinion, they are to respectfully disagree and say what they think and why.
    6. No arguing, insults, or put-downs will be tolerated.

    Getting out of Seats

    1. If a student needs to get a tissue or anything else, they are to silently raise their hands and politely ask. They are to remain seated until they are given permission to get up.

    Leaving the Classroom without the Class

    1. Students are AT NO TIME allowed to get up and leave the class without permission. This is a safety violation.
    2. If a student needs to go to the office, the restroom, another class, another teacher, etc., he/she is to raise their hand, ask permission, and take a pass. Students are not to take passes, without permission from an adult, and leave the classroom. 
    3. Any work missed while the student is out of the room is to be made up during recess or for homework.

    Early Finishers

    1. Every child is different and will finish work at different times. If all work is completed to the best of the student’s ability, and not rushed through and halfway finished, then he/she will be allowed to read, complete unfinished work, work on skills apps, write, or do anything that is educational. They are NOT allowed to, talk, get up and wander around the room, draw, play, or be disruptive.

    Toys and other Valuables

    1. Toys and personal valuables should not be brought to school. If they are, it is at the child’s own risk.
    2. All personal belongings (jackets, backpacks, hats etc..) should be labeled with the student’s name.
    3. According to the school handbook, cell phones SHOULD NOT be brought to school. Please see the Dewey Student/Parent Handbook for more information. In order for students to bring a cell phone to school, the cell phone policy in the Student/Parent Handbook must be reviewed and signed by the parent and child. The completed document MUST be submitted to the classroom teacher or office. If a cell phone is brought to school, it must stay in a backpack and be turned off. If a teacher sees a phone, it will be taken to the office for a parent to pick up at their convenience. 


    1. The students will have two scheduled restroom breaks a day. We will go as a class once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
    2. The students will be allowed to use the restroom during class in case of emergencies only, unless otherwise noted by a doctor. If students must leave the room for an emergency, they will travel to the restroom with another student and a hall pass. 
    3. If a child is leaving the classroom frequently for emergencies, he/she will use the restroom in the nurse’s office. The nurse will notify you if she believes there may be a medical issue.   
    4. The restroom is not a place to play and socialize. The students are expected to use the restroom, flush the toilet, and wash their hands.  

    Food and Drink in the Classroom

    1. Students are not to bring snacks to school unless they are in their lunch from home. They will only be eating them at lunch.
    2. Students are not allowed to eat or drink in class. However, the teacher will make exceptions during special times (Holiday parties, etc...).
    3. Water bottles may be brought to class during the warmer months but will be discontinued if they become a distraction or are used inappropriately. 
    4. I do not allow my students to chew gum. If another teacher gives them gum, they may chew the gum in that teacher’s class or while with that teacher.

    Cafeteria Procedures

    1. At our scheduled lunchtime we will travel to the cafeteria where students will go to their assigned seat and wait for instructions to get their tray from the teachers on lunch duty. 
    2. Students will be able to visit/talk with their classmates during lunch. However, if the noise level gets too high and they have been asked repeatedly to lower their volume, they may be asked to eat silently.
    3. Students will raise their hand when they finish eating and need to put their tray/trash away.
    4. Students need to make sure they are eating during this time and not just visiting. When our lunchtime is over, it is over and we will move on with our daily schedule. 
    5. Students need to get everything they need as they go through the line.

    Dismissals and Transitions

    1. The bell does not dismiss the students--the teacher does.
    2. Students are to remain orderly, quiet, and at their desks until the teacher gives them directions.
    3. Students will walk in line order everywhere we go.
    4. Students are expected to travel at a voice level 0 (No talking) while in the hallway.
    5. When walking, there are certain stopping points the students must acknowledge. We will continue when everyone is orderly. 
    6. At the end of the day, students will go from the classroom to their bus lines.
    7. Students are expected to sit in their bus line as directed by the bus line teacher. The bus line teacher will take the students to their bus when the bus arrives.
    8. Students are expected to follow the bus line teacher’s rules and expectations.

    Notes Home/Homework

    1. If I send a note home to a child's parents, the student is expected to give it to you.
    2. If the note requires a signature, it should be signed and returned the next day.
    3. Notes requiring a signature that are not returned the next day will result in a phone call to make sure the note was received. The student may also have a consequence.
    4. Positive notes stay home.
    5. Students are expected to study Spelling words every night in order to be ready to take the spelling test on Friday of each week. Spelling words for the week will be in the weekly newsletter, which will be in the Friday folder. If a student does not finish work in class, they will need to complete it for homework. I will send home a skill sheet for students to complete on Monday and Wednesday nights. Homework needs to be completed and returned the next day. Some homework assignments will not have to be “returned”. An example of this would be studying spelling words. Skill sheets or projects will need to be returned. Homework is given to the students for extra practice and review, not to punish them. It is also a good way for parents to keep up with what their child is learning in class. Homework will be listed each week for the following week in the class newsletter that will be sent home in the Friday folder.
    6. Homework will be checked. If it is not completed or returned, the child will lose recess. Please let me know if your child is having trouble completing homework assignments or if circumstances/emergencies occur that prevent your child from completing an assignment.

    Assignment Notebooks (Planners)

    1. Planners are sent home every day. The students will copy the lesson topics and any special notices that you need to know about.
    2. If needed, I will add any information that you need to know concerning behavior issues.
    3. You will need to sign the planner EVERY night. I will check the planner the next day for your signature and any notes from you.
    4. This is a wonderful way for us to communicate about your child. If a child does not have the signed planner every day they will miss recess. If it is not signed for several days, I will be getting in touch with you. 

    Friday Folders

    1. Every Friday, each student will bring home a folder. This folder will have the student’s work from that week. Please take time to look over the work with your child. Please DO NOT return these papers to school. 
    2. The folder will have a signature sheet (in the clear pocket on the back of the folder) with that Friday’s date for the parent’s signature.
    3. The folder with a signed signature sheet will be due Monday of each week. The signature lets me know that you have received your child’s papers for the week.
    4. Failure to return the folder on Monday will result in the student losing recess.
    5. Newsletters are also sent home every Friday. This is the key to knowing what is happening in our classroom and school. It also has the following week’s spelling words and homework assignments.


    1. Uniforms are required EVERYDAY. Shirts must be a solid color and have a collar. Pants, shorts, and skirts must be khaki, black, or navy. 
    2. Hats, purses, scarves, and jewelry are not considered part of the uniform.
    3. Students may wear hoodies at school. However, they may not wear the hoodie on their head in the building. Hoodies are considered a hat and are not considered part of the uniform. If this becomes a problem, parents will be contacted about finding a different jacket for the child to wear to school. 
    4. If you are interested in reading about the uniform policy in its entirety, it can be found on the Dewey website at      http://www.slps.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=2130. It can also be found in the Dewey Student/Parent Handbook.  
    5. Notices will be sent home to parents when a student is not in uniform. Students that are chronically in violation of the uniform policy are subject to a disciplinary referral. 
    6. Please contact Mrs. Spann or the school Social Worker for assistance if your family is experiencing a hardship. We do have resources to help with uniforms.   


    1. We have two parties each year. We have a winter holiday party and a Valentine’s Day party. Additionally, we have a fall celebration, but it is not considered a party. As these activities get closer, I will send home information in the class newsletter.
    2. Birthdays are not celebrated in the classroom. If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday, you can drop off cupcakes to be eaten at our lunch time. 
    3. Please do not have your child distribute party invitations in our classroom unless every child in the classroom is invited to the party. This ensures that children will not be placed in an uncomfortable situation or get their feelings hurt.    

    Early Dismissal/Tardy

    1. If your child is tardy, he/she needs to stop in the office and get a tardy slip before coming to the classroom. The parent must accompany the student to door 1 to sign in. 
    2. If you need to pick your child up early, please call the office before arriving at school so your child will be ready when you arrive. 
    3. Teachers will not release students to parents that arrive at the classroom without a slip from the office.


    1). Be Safe 

    2). Be Respectful

    3). Be Responsible

    4). Be a Problem Solver


    Consequences for inappropriate behavior include missing recess, phone call home, not being allowed to participate in certain activities, and possible in school suspension (if the behavior is severe-this is determined by administration).

    Rewards for excellent behavior include:Verbal Praise, Notes Sent Home, Phone Calls, Free Time, Stickers, Treasure Chest, Lunch with Teacher etc.…


    I believe that communication between home and school is very important to a child’s educational success. Listed below are the different avenues by which you can reach me.

    Contact information is as follows:

    Email: Carla.wilder@slps.org *This is the quickest way to reach me. School Phone: 314-645-4845

    Cell Phone: 314-620-4513 *You may text/call me at this number. (Please leave your name if you text so I know who you are). I do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize, so please leave a message if I don’t answer. Please do not call/text after 8:00 pm unless it is an emergency.