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    Precalculus is in full swing this fall. We have recently completed a unit on Polynomial and Rational Functions where we learned how to find key features of these common functions to sketch graphs. The remaining topics that we will be covering this semester are exponential/logarithmic functions and their applications and Linear Algebra.

    In AP Calculus AB, we learned how taking limits of functions allows us to find the derivative (or instantaneous rate of change) of a function at a single point. We are currently learning the Chain Rule and its applications to help us solve application problems with derivatives. We will also be learning how to accurately sketch and talk about graphs of functions.

    College Algebra just finished a unit on review materials from Algebra 1 and 2. We will spend the rest of this semester working with functions to better understand how they work.

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    My school email is: nathan.klosterman@slps.org

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    Office hours and tutoring may be scheduled on an "as needs" basis. The most likely time for office hours will be after school from 3 - 3:30 PM or during mentor period during the school day. Please have your student email me or ask me in class if they need to schedule office hour or tutoring time.