• AP Psychology Class Announcements

    Welcome back Owls!

    As most of you know, announcements are an everyday part of my classroom. I will be trying to mimic that here weekly. 

    • Tutoring is Tuesday-Thursdays during mentor.
      • I teach Latin and AP Psychology. But that doesn't mean that I'm not able to help you with your math, English, or any other subject. I will try my best to assist you, to give you feedback, and to give you needed academic advice. 
    • Office Hours
      • In addition, while I'm available by email during school hours.
    • Current Work
      • I will be updating our Microsoft Teams page with all work to be done at home. I will be clear about my due dates. Late work will be accepted (with a penalty) for one week after its due date.
    • Please reach out to me
      • If you need anything at all, for any reason. My email is an incredibly effective way to contact me. Especially because as a teacher, I'm at home when I'm not at school, and am sitting at my desk most of the time.


    The 2022-2023 AP Test experience will be a fairly standard one for AP Psychology.

    We will be working from day one, and will constantly be focused on learning and applying psychology this year.

    We will discuss expectations on the first day of class this year, but know that there will be reading, writing, discussions, and honestly interesting content. 

    I'm excited to adapt and succeed with you all this year!


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