Learning in 2021

  • Submitting Student Work

    All work completed virtually should be submitted in Microsoft Teams. Unless otherwise specified, typewritten responses and legible handwritten responses will be accepted. All assignments are due by the date and time specified in Microsoft Teams and on the calendar on this website. All rubrics will be shared on the Microsoft Teams assignment page. If students or parents have any questions about individual assignments, please be sure to contact me via email before the assignment is due.

    There will be some assignments given in person in hard copy, but all assignments that are due to be completed at home will be shared in Teams.

    Grading Student Work

    My goal is to have all student work graded within a week of the due date. I will be transparent with students about my progress in grading and will do my best to keep everyone updated. I plan to follow the grading scale as set on my syllabi; this means that if you have me for both Latin and AP Psychology there will be a slightly different scale in your classes.

    I will accept any assignment for full credit up until its due date. I will still accept that assignment for 80% credit for a week after its due date. After that, I will not be accepting assignments. The only exceptions to this policy are the following:

    • A student has contacted me in advance with schedule conflicts and we’ve made alternate arrangements.
    • There is a verified emergency that prevents completion of the assignment.
    • A student comes to me in advance of the due date (days, not hours) and requests a reasonable extension. If this is granted, we may make alternate arrangements.

    I tend to be flexible, but I plan to stick to these policies as written.