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    1st Period

  • A-Days                 

    1st Period-7:10-8:30 AM- Journalism

    2nd Period-8:35-9:55 AM- Plan

    3rd Period-10:00-11:55 AM- English 1

    Lunch- 10:40-11:10 AM

    4th Period-12:00-1:20 PM- English 1

    Advisory- 1:25-2:07



    5th Period- 7:10-8:30 AM- ACT Prep

    6th Period- 8:35-9:55 AM- English 1

    7th Period- 10:00-11:55 AM- Plan

    8th Period- 12:00-1:20 PM- English 1

    Advisory- 1:25-2:07  


Journalism Syllabus by Ashley Anderson