• Microsoft Teams

    All students should have access to Microsoft Teams through their district devices. We will set up our class Teams during week 1 and get everyone added. This platform will allow us to send and receive documents easily, and meet virtually if necessary. 


    2nd Period - Coming Soon  

    3rd Period - Coming Soon  

    4th Period - Coming Soon

    6th Period - Coming Soon  

    7th Period - Coming Soon  

    8th Period - Coming Soon    

    Mentor Period - Coming Soon  


    Request to join any of the teams linked above by following the link. If you need to be manually added, email me and let me know.

  • Learning Standards

    The files below are the Missouri Learning Standards we will cover in my class. The documents are called "unpacked standards" and basically tell us everything we need to be able to know, do, explain, make, etc... in order to meet the goals of this class. These are Missouri Learning standards.