• Welcome to our English Language Arts (formerly Communication Arts) page!  
    Please check back soon for a list of recommended books by grade level! 
    Habits of Good Readers - This is a user-friendly guide to many of the foundational reading skills your student will learn this year.  It is a great place to find ways and strategies to support your reader at home. 
    Below are some additional links that you or your student will find interesting.

    Lexile - Find out lexile scores (reading level) of books to make sure your student is reading at the appropriate grade level.  To find out your student's specific reading level or current lexile score, please contact his or her reading teacher directly.

     St. Louis Public Library - The library is a great resource for our students and families.  In addition to the wonderful books they have, the library also offers great activities for teens and families and sponsors several author visits throughout the year.  Use this link to access the calendar of teen events. 
    Word Mover - With the Word Mover mobile app (available from iTunes) by the National Council of Teachers of English, children and teens can create "found poetry" by choosing from word banks and remixing famous words.
    http://www.the-best-childrens-books.org - find books on topics your child is learning about in school
    If you have any questions about out English Language Arts department, you may contact your child's teacher.

  • While we are in this time of virtaul engagement you can find ELA resources listed here:

    Padlet  can take you to multiple sources for your student to explore and practice on. 


    The Summer Reading Packet can be downloaded at this link. 


    If you need help finding more resources please contact brett.rutledge@slps.org