• Book Club


    Book Club is an in-school activity that meets once a month to read and discuss AWESOME BOOKS! Students will receive a copy of the book and will be allowed to take it home (where they must be responsible for it!). If students complete the book, they will be invited to the discussion, where there is always lots of food to eat and fun to have! 

    Book Club is by invitation only. All levels of readers are welcome, but Dr. Rogers will provide the opportunity for all 8th graders to sign up for the club at the beginning of the year, and will then review each candidate individually to make sure they are serious about keeping the books safe. 
    Please contact Dr. Rogers for more information at deborah.rogers@slps.org  
    Book Recommendations outside of Book Club:  
    The funniest book of all time  
     The funniest book of all time
     An amazing book on the journey of an African woman
    An amazing story of an African woman's journey 
     Is he guilty or innocent?  
    Is he guilty or innocent? The courts seem to have already made up their minds... 
    Zombies? Oh snap.  
    Zombies? Ohhhhhhh snap.