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    Posted by Jason Kesselring on 8/16/2022 1:00:00 AM

    4th Period ("A" Days)

    5th Period ("B" Days)

    Welcome to Anatomy & Physiology!


    Welcome to my Anatomy and Physiology page! If you are in my "A" Day / 4th Period class, you can get to your Microsoft Team by clicking here. If you are in the 5th Period / "B" Day class, you can get to your team by clicking here.

    I teach this like a seminar. The students should expect some lecture (you do need some required knowledge after all), some work on your own, and some group work. Once per quarter, I will have a guest with a medical problem over the previous few units of study. The goal of the having the "Mystery Guest"? Diagonse 'em! It's not as hard as you think. Through good questioning (the most important part) and a little knowledge - you can go far!

    My aim is to have this class accessible. If you are going into a health career, this is in your wheelhouse. If not, there's still a lot to take away (excellent reflexive thinking to learn!)

    My email is:


    My course syllabus (with classroom expectations) is listed!


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