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Posted by Jason Kesselring on 8/16/2022 3:00:00 AM

2nd Period & 3rd Period ("A" Days)

Welcome to my AP Biology Page!

If you are in my 2nd period class, you can get to your Microsoft Team by clicking here. If you have me for 3rd period, you can access your material on your team by clicking here.

This is my fourth year with AP Biology. There is a significant "hands-on" portion to this class. I'm also expanding something I started with my students last year. Each unit will have an "applied biology" problem. The students will apply knowledge gained throughout the unit to solve a real-life application of biology. Cool stuff!!!!

Many students that don't "love" science wind up enjoying AP Biology. Once the students get into the swing of it, there's a predictive power in the class that's really fantastic. Or, maybe it's because there's a little less math in AP Biology than other science courses... Hmmmm.....

At any rate, take a look at the syllabus. I think there are some interesting topics to get to and some problems to solve. Happy to have you aboard!

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Thank you!!!

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