What is a Family and Community Specialist?
    A Family and Community Specialist (FCS) is a person who works to bridge the communication between home, school, and the community by helping parents and the community get the information, help and support they need to ensure their child academic and social success in school.
    How Can The Family and Community Specialist Help Me?
    Parents often have concerns and questions that they are unable to express to the teacher, school, or administration. Since good communication between home, school, and the community is a vital part in children success, the Family and Community Specialist will listen to your concerns and work with you to make sure that your situation, question, point of view is expressed and understood. The Specialist will help find ways to resolve any issues that may be hindering your child's success in school.
    What Additional Assistance Can The Family and Community Specialist Provide?
    • Provide a personal tour of the school, explain programs and resources available to you and your child.
    • Discuss some ways that you can get involved with the school
    • Answer questions you may have about school rules and regulations
    • Help arrange meetings between you and your child's teachers or the school administration so that important information about your child is shared and understood.
    • At your request, they will accompany you to a parent conference or other important meetings at the school to help clarify information about your child or home situation.
    • Help arrange for an interpreter if you need to communicate in your own language.