Central Visual and Performing Arts High School is dedicated to improving the academic and artistic achievement levels of all of its students. Therefore, we have created an environment where students will receive a quality academic and artistic education that will prepare them to compete successfully at the college level or perform competitively in the job market after graduation.

    Many students are involved in Instructional Support Programs and community activities that enhance his/her area of major study, such as:

    • St. Louis Art Museum

    • Black Repertory Theater

    • Opera Theater of Saint Louis

    • Sheldon Theater

    • The Repertory Theater

    • Fox Theater

    • American Red Cross

    • St. Louis Symphony

    • Webster University

    • Washington University

    • University of Missouri - St. Louis

    • Southeast Missouri State University

    We not only enhance the talents of gifted students in the artistic subjects; we help students find themselves and develop into well-rounded individuals. We believe all students have a gift and we need to help each individual student discover and develop that hidden talent.

    Professionals in the artistic fields visit and conduct seminars and performances regularly. Most guests involve Central Visual and Performing Arts High School students in their seminars and workshops. Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities and help their child succeed. Our students are constantly requested to perform for community groups, St. Louis Public Schools and other school districts throughout the country.

    In addition to the artistic programs, Central Visual and Performing Arts High School has a strong academic program to complete the artistic offerings, preparing students for the college of their choice. Foreign languages, dual enrollment and Advanced Placement courses strengthen the academic offerings.

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