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    From The Family and Community Specialist (FCS)


    Dear Parents & Guardians,

    The Family and Community Specialist's goal is to assist with bridging the communication gap between home and school by:

    ·   Providing assistance to parents in understanding school, district, and Title 1 policies and procedures as it relates to student behavior, attendance, and student achievement.

    · Providing assistance to increase attendance rates by 2% quarterly until district/state attendance averages are met and/or maintained at the district state required average.

    · Collaborating with administrators and school staff to develop, implement, and disseminate a yearly calendar of parent involvement activities, parent involvement plan and other relevant timelines.

    · Facilitating parent/family involvement as it relates to Epstein’s six types of parental involvement and design processes to ensure continuous improvement in all areas.

    · Ensuring all Title 1 and SLPS Board parental involvement policies and mandates are met

    · Serving as an active member of the Student Intervention Team working collaboratively with parents, families, and school staff to develop and implement intervention plans for identified students

    If you have any questions, please call CVPA at 314.771.2772.