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    About Mr. Williams: 
    A love for Graphic Design has guided Mr. Williams passion for teaching students about the importance of engaging in our world with a well-informed perspective.  Mr. Williams joined the CVPA High School staff in 2013.  Mr. Williams Graphic Design class convergence classes are part of the St. Louis Public Schools Department of Career and Technical Education (CTE).
    Prior to teaching at CVPA, Mr. Williams was a teacher in the East St. Louis District 189 and also graphic design as well for 6 years.  Mr. Williams currently coaches basketball at Cleveland ROTC an is a avid sports fan, Mr. Williams has also coached  basketball at East St. Louis Sr. High School.  Also, Mr. Williams was a 5th round draft pick for the Texas Rangers in the Major League Baseball organization and played for the Houston Astros as well.
    Mr. Williams believes all of his students have great stories to tell, and it is his hope to assist the in telling their stories through the use of multi-media (video, audio, photography, graphics, writing, media production etc. 
    My Educational Philosophy:
    I am a teacher that will provide a safe learning environment that will facilitate thinking, engage minds, encourage risk and cultivate dreams. I am a teacher that provides many opportunities for students to explore their talents and assist my students in the developing leadership skills. My teaching philosophy is best defined by the words of Martin Luther King, Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.
    Teacher Message: 
    Hello everyone!  I know we are all trying to adjust to a new normal in this time of uncertainty.  During this time, the district has links to keep everyone up-to-date and informed.  Use the following links for school information on Covid-19 and Distance Learning.  Also, please see my Covid-19 Virtual Learning Page for more information on how you will continue to learn with me!  


    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 am 
    District's Online Learning:
    To complete Multimedia requirements for This School Year, you will need to complete the following accordingly. 
    Each Week you must complete the following online PER-Week (Not Daily). This means one/each assignment is to be submitted each Sunday (per-week) by 11pm (CST). 
    1. Post a Weekly check in or updates on Microsoft Teams in the message area Answering the following: 1. How your are doing this week?  2. What you are learning from this experience (pandemic)? 3. Improvements you would make for your citizens as a world leader? Stay open minded, research and continue to be creative with finding solutions. This helps you become great leaders. Submit all weekly questions in a word document.
    2. Watch the video dated / posted for the week then answer each question by using complete sentences and examples in and for your answers/responses. 
    3. Read the "dated/weekly" article(s) and answer the following questions: 1. Who wrote the article 2. What is the purpose of this article 3. Explain why you agree or do not agree with the article by also providing examples. 
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email. All assignments are due by Sunday at 11pm each week. 
    Please continue to check Microsoft Teams for your instructions information and work for this class. 
    Thank you and Stay Safe,
    Mr. Cliff Williams