• Our students were asked to think about what it takes for a student to succeed in his or her academic, social, or artistic life at our school, then write three pieces of advice to a hypothetical student coming into our school.
     Some of their responses are below.
    ° Make new friends, get to know people. Be outgoing and keep a good attitude. Socialize
    and make friends and study buddies.
    ° Be prepared and organized
    ° Bring something to organize your locker
    ° Listen to your teachers
    ° Focus on your work because there are many distractions that will happen in your life.
    ° Do your homework every night right from the beginning, because the way you start will be the way you finish.
    ° Turn your work in on time
    ° Behave yourself. Things have changed at CVPA and they’re more strict about the rules.
    ° Start on your goals as early as you can.
    ° Take your art seriously; be passionate about your art
    ° Leave all the immaturity at home; don’t treat high school like a game.