• Welcome to the Science Department

    Even though Central VPA has a focus on music, dance, theater and the arts; the academic subjects are very important to our college bound population and many of our students have a strong interest in science.

    The school district requires all students to take 3 years of science. We recommend students take 4 years of science, as this is what colleges also expect.

    Our core subjects are:

    · Physical Science

    · Biology (and Honors Biology)

    · Chemistry

    Optional subjects that may be offered (numbers depending) include:

    · AP Biology

    · AP Chemistry

    · Anatomy and Physiology

    · Environmental Science

    · AP Environmental Science

    · Physics (offered in conjunction with Cleveland NROTC)

    Important Dates

    Our students will be involved in taking District (benchmarks), State (End of Course), and National (AP) exams this academic year. We are excited for our students and will be publishing exact dates when they are scheduled.

    Benchmarks are District based exams used to measure individual and school progress in core subjects. For science this is Biology/Honors Biology. We will be taking three of these throughout the year:  October, December  and  March.  
    The End Of Course exam (EOC) will be taken in Biology at the end of April/beginning of May. This will cover the entire course, and is taken by all students of that subject throughout Missouri.
    The AP exams in Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science are very challenging national exams, taken in early May.