Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. DeFilippo

e-mail michael.defilippo@slps.orgI


Some find my last name difficult to pronounce, so call me "Mr. D". 

I am excited to serve CVPA as the Interim Learning Associate and teacher of record for World LIt (10th grade level) and American Lit (11th grader level) this year.

I'm a New Jersey native, but I have called Saint Louis home for most of my life. 

I enjoy growing wildflowers, zinnias and sunflowers in my garden. 

I have had a long and interesting career as an award-winning photojournalist, reporter, writer and editor for print and digital publications.

Now, photography is a personal pursuit and teaching provides my professional passion.  

In 2016, I began documenting the impact of the Interstate Highway System on the City of Saint Louis as a personal “60th birthday challenge” to myself. The project portfolio received local and national press attention. This project continues as I seek to travel the country in pursuit of this story. Here are some links if you are interested:

 Education – Colgate University, BA