In the Visual Arts program you will use classic ideas and techniques to create artwork of lasting power and beauty. You will learn the principles and elements of design, color and composition theory, and the basic techniques of drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, and sculpture. You will use what you have learned to create art that expresses your own unique, individual, personal approach to the world.

    Art courses are offered to students in the following areas: Design, Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, and Sculpture.

    High standards of effort and accomplishment are maintained in all classes. Students are admitted to upper level classes by audition, portfolio, and teacher recommendation.

    Fundamentals of Art

    In the Fundamentals of Art course all of our art teachers stress traditional artistic skills and disciplines. Students draw from observation and imagination, use classic techniques of perspective and design, and learn standard and contemporary approaches to making art. Students also learn to manipulate a wide variety of art media.

    Drawing and Painting 1 & 2

    In the Drawing and Painting classes, you will use a wide variety of media, including pencil, pastel, oil pastel, and acrylic paint, to explore and develop your ability to create beautiful, unique, and accurate images. You will work on paper, canvas, and other materials. You will learn the many techniques of life drawing, perspective, and shading to create images both from reality and from your imagination. You will learn to use color, line, and all the elements of Art to your best advantage. You will learn about the rich and exciting history of Art, and use your newly-found knowledge to give your artwork deeper, fuller meaning. You will begin to build a portfolio of your work to help you gain entry into numerous art training programs.

    Advanced Painting

    In the Advanced Painting class you will expand your knowledge of art media to create increasingly personal and artwork. You will learn to use the techniques of composition to build images that are focused, balanced, and strong. You will explore the history of Art through our unique program with the St. Louis Art Museum. You will work to develop a portfolio of professional caliber. You will get to meet with representatives of colleges and professional schools of Art. You will learn about the many career and educational opportunities that are available to good art students. You will also get the opportunity to show them your artwork. You will also work together with other student artists to create works of art for our building and for our community, works of art which will be viewed by people from throughout the area for generations to come.

    Design 1 & 2

    In the Design classes students become involved in the aesthetics and history of design.  Students explore and apply the elements of composition: line, shape, value, space, color, texture and form, to make successful artwork. Students increase their technical skills by practicing various drawing methods.  Students produce a portfolio of artwork that displays their drawing and painting skills.  Students also curate peer exhibitions and participate in group critiques.  Students are encouraged to push the boundaries of artistic exploration.

    Advanced Design 

    The Advanced Design class is intended to advance students in the many facets of design.  In this class students use their prior knowledge to enhance their awareness of the aesthetics and history of design. They work to produce a portfolio that exhibits their thoughtful understanding, as artists, of the concepts and history of art.  Students increase their technical competence by observing and drawing both subtle and elaborate designs.  Students become active in exploring and applying the elements of composition, line, shape, value, space, color, texture and form, to make successful artwork.  Students will be encouraged to conceptually push the boundaries of artistic exploration.

    Beginning Ceramics

    In the Beginning Ceramics class students will learn to use simple hand building techniques. Students will become familiar with the cultural, chemical and geological origins of clay. Students will learn simple glaze decoration and firing techniques.

    Intermediate Ceramics

    In the Intermediate Ceramics class students will explore hand building and beginning wheel-throwing techniques. Students will continue their studies of various cultures and artists, and will study the history and evolution of pottery from ancient times to present day. The main focus of the class will be on the production and development of a professional level portfolio of ceramic artwork.

    Advanced Ceramics

    The Advanced Ceramics class is designed for serious ceramic students who have demonstrated the technical proficiency and the creative ability to continue in this medium. Emphasis will be on mastering advanced hand building and wheel throwing techniques, developing a sense of style and perfecting craftsmanship. Each student will be expected to complete a portfolio suitable for submission to institutions of post-secondary training.