Mrs. Rekha Sivaprasad



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rekha Sivaprasad


MS in  Physics-Materials Science specialization, Mahatma Gandhi University, India 

Research-Theoretical Astrophysics-Problems in the formation and evolution of the Galaxy.

Teacher Certification -University of Missouri, St.Louis, U.S.A

Teacher Certifications-High School Physics,High School Math, Middle School Science, Middle School Math

Teaching Secondary Science

(Science lab tech, Physical Science, Physics)


St.Louis Public Schools

Contact:     email :

You can contact me from 12:00 to 2:00pm.


Hello my dear good boys and good girls, This is Ms.Siva. We are learning in a different way until we see each other in a classroom.

How to use microfost teams

watch this video.

Physics and Physical Science students (period2,5 and 8) learn about Energy and Science Lab Tech students(3,4 and 7) learn about Force and Motion

You are free to use your google translator

For each lesson,

1. A short video. Watch it 3 times.

2.    10 questions based on it.

3.  A page to read. Read 3 times.

4. Write vocabualry that you don't know and write the word in your language.

5. write in the given  graphic organizer (write this in your note book).