The administration of medicine to children during school hours shall be discouraged and restricted to necessary medication that cannot be given on an alternative schedule. When prescription medicine is to be administered by school officials, a label affixed by a pharmacy, and/or medical provider must accompany the medicine. Nonprescription medicines must be in their original container. ALL medication must be accompanied by written instructions signed by parent(s)/guardian(s) and medical provider and will include:
    1. Child's name
    2. Name of medication
    3. Time to be administered
    4. Dosage 
    The administration of the medicine to a student, when all the above conditions have been met, shall be limited to the school nurse, or other designated person(s). All medication administered by school officials shall be kept in the nurse's office. The parents of the child must assume responsibility for informing school personnel of any change in the child's health or change in medication.
    It shall be our practice that school personnel will dispense "over-the-counter" medications only with written authorization from medical provider and parent. Such medication must be provided by the student/parent in its original container.
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    Controlled substances should also meet the following conditions:
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    • The first dose of an medication will not be administered at school
    • No student is to supply medication to any other student.
    • The school district may refuse to administer any medication not approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or any medication with greater than recommended doses.