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Securing the B.A.G. at the Velt!

B.A.G. Method

What is the B.A.G. Method? The B.A.G. method has 3 main drivers of a successful educational journey and is focused on high achievement in Behavior, Attendance, and Grades. These three components help drive our students’ social and emotional skills, time management, and mastery of academic content. When students secure the B.A.G., they will be eligible to participate in off-campus trips, celebratory luncheons, and an awards ceremony to celebrate their achievements.

Here are the goals for mastering the B.A.G:

  • B (Behavior) Less than 2 referrals per quarter
  • A (Attendance) 90% or better attendance rate per quarter
  • G (Grades) 3.0 GPA or better per quarter