• New Uniform Policy:
    RHS students are required to wear a RHS shirt/top, appropriate bottoms (khaki pants) and a RHS student ID. RHS shirts are $10.00 and are available for sale at the school. The first ID is free and replacements are $3.00.

    Appropriate bottoms (khaki pants) must not display offensive logos, inappropriate messages, or rips or tears. Bottoms that are and resemble leggings or yoga pants are not allowed.

    Students are not allowed to wear any hoodies, wave caps, scarves, bonnets or any other head dressing not associated with a known affiliation in a sincere participation of a religion during the course of the school day.  Hoodies have been banned from the RHS campus and students are to wear closed-toed shoes for safety reasons unless medical condition requires an opened-toed shoe. All medical related shoe adjustments must be submitted in writing from a medical professional and or facility.

    Uniform/Dress Code Expectations:
    RHS uniform/dress code expectations is in partnership with students, parent(s)/legal guardian(s), and school team members. Our expectations supports a positive school culture by identifying attire that promotes school safety and student health. All students and parent(s)/legal guardian(s) are expected to follow the expectations. Questions regarding the uniform/dress code expectations are to be referred to the principal or designee. 
    Procedures for Correcting Inappropriate Attire:
    Students who do not adhere to the RHS uniform/dresscode expectations will be addressed by the principal or designee for inappropriate attire. Consequences include but are not limited to Parent-Contact, In-School-Suppension, Lunch'After School Dention and Parent Conference.