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    Room Number(s):205
    Subject(s): ESOL
    Phone: (314) 626-3118 
    My Office Hours: 
    Monday 8am to 10 am
    Tuesday 8am to 10 am 
    Wednesday 8am to 10 am 
    Thursday 1pm to 3 pm
    Friday 8am to 10 am 
    You can also email me any time. 
    Teacher Message: Hello, I have uploaded all the assigments to my website.  Each class has its own folder and all documents that you need to do your work are there. I have also added a team for each class you can access through your email.  If you do not have access to your St Louis Public Schools email or your password for myngconnect please let me know. The most important thing I would like you to do is to read 40 minutes a day for all my ESOL and English class. Keep your reading journal and I will create a form to turn in your reading minutes.