The History of Saint Louis Public School's
    Theodore Roosevelt High School 
          Due to overcrowding at McKinley and Cleveland High Schools, the St. Louis Public Schools ordered the acquisition of property to construct a "New Southside High School" in 1922. Roosevelt High School opened on January 26, 1925 after two years of construction and the evacuation of Picker Cemetery for the construction site. It was designed by the famous architect R.M. Milligan at a cost of slightly less than $1.5 million and named after the 26th president of the United States. Many of the school's traditions and names relate to President Roosevelt, such as its mascot (the Teddy Bear), its nickname (the Roughriders), its original yearbook title (BWANA, in reference to Roosevelt's Swahili nickname), and its school colors and the melody of the school song are those of Harvard University, Roosevelt's alma mater. Most of its students and faculty transferred from McKinley High School, which was then converted to a middle school, and a smaller number of students transferred from Cleveland High School.  
           In Roosevelt's 93 year history, the Roughriders are 2nd to Soldan H.S. with 127 Public High League Championships including 25 in boys track, 22 in boys swimming, 14 in football, 12 in boys soccer, 11 in baseball, and 11 in boys tennis. Roughrider Athletics have also won 28 state trophies, 9 of which are first place trophies. 
     Building Drawing Front View