• Central VPA Auditions 

    Acceptance to CVPA is based on a competitive audition and review of student records to ensure success in both the demanding studio work and the challenging academic programs. Students who are St. Louis City residents in the 8th or 9th grade are eligible to audition. In September of the 8th or 9th grade, your child should inform his/her guidance counselor of his/her decision so that an application can be issued. Once the application is received, the student will receive information regarding the required documentation to be submitted.
    As approved by the SLPS School Board, the Performing Arts Magnet Program is a coherent sequence of courses designed for the artistically gifted/talented student. Beginning during the Freshman year, it guides the student through a specific path of academic study, performance criteria, and exposure to professional performance. This plan offers the opportunity to concentrate on the Performing Arts and gain proficiency in chosen areas of concentration during the high school years, much as a Music, Theatre, Visual Art, or Dance does in college. Added benefits may be increased scholarship opportunities and advanced placement in college courses. Students going directly into the job market will benefit from the practical experience gained through their performance experiences.