• Audition/Admission Requirements
    Central Visual and Performing Arts High School 

    Central Visual and Performing Arts High School seeks to make the following advancements:

    • Only admit students with a genuine interest in visual or performing arts.
    • Attract talented students who have a high potential for artistic development.
    • Attract a higher proportion of students whose level of preparation allows them to attain higher levels of achievement in the arts.
    • Draw students from a wider geographic area.
    • Increase overall enrollment – having explicit standards of admission gives the public greater assurance that the institution is committed to the artistic development of its students beyond what is possible in a standard environment.  This will attract greater numbers of students, as well as students from a broader geographic area. Having taken steps, CVPA will have established itself as a unique, high-quality school.

    To achieve these goals, specific requirements need to be established:

    • Each student must submit a copy of the previous year’s report card. Each student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75.
    • Each student must submit a copy of the previous year’s attendance. Based on 174 days of school, each student must have an attendance rate of at least 93%.
    • Each student must submit a copy of the previous year's discipline profile. Each student must be in good citizenship standing (no out of school suspensions).
    • Each student must submit a video audition. If the student wishes to be considered for more then one major, they should submit individual videos meeting the requirements of each major. The requirements for the video auditions can be found in the Department-Specific Requirements section. 
    • Because our programs are sequenced over 4 years, Central accepts 9th and 10th grade applicants only.
    • All accepted students are expected to attend Central’s 9th grade transition program, parent orientation, preregister and be present on the first day.

    Please Note: Additional preparation/materials may be required at the time of the audition or interview.  Details can be found in the Department-Specific-Requirement sections.

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    Students who fail to maintain the necessary requirements for continued enrollment will be subject to review by a discipline review board which will determine continued enrollment or exit to the appropriate home school.