• Flute/Piccolo


    Watch as Roma Duncan demonstrates the flute (on the left and its sister instrument, the piccolo (on the right).

  • The trickiest part of starting to play the flute is making a sound out of it.
    Check out these videos to see how you make a sound on the flute (or how to practice on a water bottle!)

  • Lizzo plays her flute

    Pop star Lizzo is an amazing singer, dancer, and performer, AND a great flute player!

    Emmanuel Pahud

    One of the best and most well-known flute players in the world, listen to Emmanuel Pahud! Here, he's playing one of the most famous flute solos that has ever been written, "Syrinx," by Claude Debussy



    Matt Molloy

    Watch as Matt Molloy, flute player with the Irish band The Chieftains, plays faster and faster.....and FASTER! It sounds like there are two flutes playing!