• Clarinet


  • Clarinet demo

    Listen as clarinetist Jessica Zweig tells you about how she got started on the clarinet and demonstrates what she played when she began, and what she can play now that she's practiced for many years.


  • Rhapsody in Blue

    The very beginning of this piece of music might be the most famous clarinet solo since the clarinet was invented!


  • Klezmer music

    Clarinets are found in many different types of music! For example, Klezmer music comes from the Askenazi Jewish people from Eastern Europe. Listen as this band plays a song that could be found at a wedding.

  • Alex Laing

    Alex Laing plays one of Mozart's Clarinet Concerti in a church. He's the principal clarinet player in the Phoenix Symphony, and is known for his beautiful tone.

  • Clarinet and Bass Clarinet duet

    The bass clarinet is a sister instrument to the clarinet, and sounds much lower. Listen to this fun duet to hear the difference between the two!