• Baritone Horn and Euphonium


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    In some school districts, students start out on a Baritone Horn or a Euphonium (Yoo-PHONE-ee-um) before they begin playing tuba in middle school or high school. Learn more about each of these below. Some schools have both, but some might have one or the other. Make sure to ask your teacher what your school has in its closet!
    What's the difference between the Baritone Horn and the Euphonium?

    You can see how similar the instruments are when you look at them, but you'll notice a few small differences:

    1. The Euphonium has a bigger bell (opening) than the Baritone

    2. The Euphonium's tubing starts out skinnier and keeps getting fatter as it wraps around itself. The Baritone's tubing basically stays the same until the bell starts to form and gets wider.

    3. The Euphonium sounds more mellow and warm than the Baritone, which is a bit brighter and cuts through ensembles more.


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  • Neapolitan Dance

    Check out this Baritone Solo that was arranged from the "Nutcracker" ballet!



    Theme Song from "Arthur"

    There is a different type of Baritone Horn made for Marching Bands that are held more like trumpets. Check out a demonstration of a marching Baritorn Horn in this clip, as he plays the theme song to the show "Arthur."

    "I Need to be in Love"

    Listen to this beautiful love song performed on Euphonium.



    David Childs, one of the best Euphonium players in the world, plays a piece called "Czardas."