• This Responsible Internet Use statement helps to protect students, staff, and the school by clearly stating what is acceptable and what is NOT.
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    • Irresponsible use may result in you being stopped from using the network and/or the Internet and email at school.
    • Do not photo, video or audio record any member of the staff or student body without expressed permission.  
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    The guidelines:
    • Network access must be made using your account and password only, which must not be given to any other person.
    • Do not disclose personal details such as addresses and/or telephone/fax numbers of any person.
    • School computer and Internet use must be appropriate to your education.
    • Copyright and intellectual property rights must be respected.
    • Email should be written carefully and politely, particularly as messages may be forwarded or printed and be seen by unexpected readers.
    • Users are responsible for email they send and for contacts made. The school advises you only to email people you or your teacher have approved of.
    • Anonymous messages and chain letters are not permitted.
    • The use of chat rooms and online games are not allowed.
    • Do not install software or make changes to any hardware unless your teacher has instructed you to do so.
    • The school IT systems may not be used for private purposes, unless the teacher has given permission for that use.
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    The school has the right to monitor the use of its computer systems, including access to websites and email, and to delete inappropriate materials.