• Electronic Devices

    The Student Acceptable Use Policy and Regulations governs the use of all technology in the SLPS, including cyber bullying (Mo Rev Stat 160.775). Violations may result in loss of user privileges, suspension, expulsion and civil or criminal penalties. Students shall not have an expectation of privacy in anything they create, send, receive, or store on District technology. Possession and use of cell phones, electronic cameras and electronic communication devices are prohibited on school campus.

    According to the Code of Conduct, student cannot engage in the unauthorized use of any electronic device on any school grounds. Students engaging in the unauthorized use of any electronic devices are subject to confiscation and disciplinary action.

    To ensure that we are maximizing instructional time and minimizing distractions from learning, the use of personal electronic devices is NOT allowed at RHS. However, for safety reasons when traveling to and from campus, students who must bring electronic devices to RHS must agree to have it collected each day during the morning check-in process. Devices will be returned to students at the end of each day during dismissal.

    Electronic devices confiscated will only be returned to parent(s)/guardians. SLPS personnel are not responsible or will not be held liable for any electronic devices brought into the school in violation of school and district policy and confiscated in accordance with the same.