• Weekly Planner for the week of 3/1-12/21

    There are 4 significant art projects towards 2nd semester grade:

    1) Line Pattern Design, also called Zentangle. On a 8x11 piece of paper (printer or notebook size), with a pencil divide in 20 shapes. In each shape create a unigue pattern so you have a variety of different patterns.

    2) Zoo Contest, Ecology, Community, and Conservation. Draw a scene of various animals and plants and add color. On this assignment it is okay to trace pictures to create your own artwork.

    3) Name Design - Letter Shapes Design. Creating an Abstract design using letter shapes. There are many demonstrations recorded in Team "Posts".

    4) Spring Nature Photography. Submit 6 of your best outside nature photographs.

    See instructions, refrence materials, and demonstrations for all these in Teams "Assignments".


    There are 5 Vocabulary/ Definition matching assignments. Remember to look up the words and or definitions using your computer to get them all correct.

    There is one short writing response for the Lorex video that can be found attched with the assignment in Teams.