• redesign

    In March of 2021, Saint Louis Public Schools (SLPS) introduced a new leadership development opportunity through its Redesign Fellowship program.  Redesign fellows are educators who are committed to continuous improvement and driven to find innovative solutions to help better serve their student populations.  The first class of fellows includes several principals from across the District who applied and were accepted last summer.  These individuals will have a hand in transforming learning in our District in the current pandemic environment and beyond.  In committing to a quest for knowledge, they are committed to searching the vast educational landscape for ideas, innovations and best practices that will transform the way we educate, and the way students learn.

    Together, we are navigating education in an historic time.  Nothing in our education or professional development could have prepared us for the challenges we would face in a pandemic.  As challenging as it has been for us all, the pandemic taught us some important lessons.  It taught us that we can innovate and move quickly to implement change when necessary. 

    Back in the spring of 2020, no one would have guessed we would soon be launching virtual learning and one-to-one technology for students and teachers! Those concepts were foreign and, at best, years down the road.  Now, virtual learning has forever changed the way we view education.  It taught us the importance of remaining fluid in decision-making and what it really means to ensure equity in a system as large as SLPS.

    We must keep that momentum going because returning to “normal” is not an option.  We must continue our efforts to innovate and reimagine education for the betterment of students, staff, and the community.

    Redesign Fellows will be our agents of change.  They will embark on a journey to gather information and data to support ideas and concepts that will catapult us toward our goals of improving student achievement, teacher satisfaction, parent awareness and community support.  Do you have what it takes to be among the team to redesign or reimagine education in our District?