• Monday, September 25, 2023

    Good Afternoon,

    We cannot service these buses this afternoon due to driver call-offs and have depleted the spare driver's pool. 

    We would appreciate it if you could assist with transporting your child this morning. We are working in the background to cover these routes with rescue buses. Unfortunately, this may take about thirty minutes to one hour after the scheduled pick-up time. 

    Please get in touch with the Missouri Central School Bus (MCSB) call center at 314-499-9162 or the SLPS transportation at 314-633-5107 if you have any questions.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    2039/ 1st tier Carnahan, 2nd tier Gateway Mid/ELE

    2059/ 1st tier Metro, 2nd tier Lexington

    2132/ 1st tier AESM, 2nd tier Gateway Mid/ELE

    2145/ 1st tier Gateway Stem, 2nd tier Gateway Mid/ELE, 3rd tier Woodward

    2049/ 1st tier Soldan, 2nd tier Lexington, 3rdtier Stix,

    2050/ 1st tier Soldan, Nance/Herzog, 3rdtier Betty/Mallinckrodt

    2103/ 1st tier Clyde, 2nd tier Yeatman

    1041/ Gateway Stem/Roosevelt/NCNAA@Roosevelt /Mullanphy & Shaw

    1057/ McKinley/Roosevelt/NCNAA@Roosevelt/Wheeler & Mallinckrodt

    2811(2055) 1st  tier  Clyde, 2nd, Nance/Herzog, 3rd tier, Dewey/Wilkinson

  • This Week Only: Week of September 5, 2023


    If your child rides one of the following routes, there will be cab services provided for the week of September 5th: 2019, 2032, 2037, 2053, 2100, 2108, 2114, 2124

    You may have received a School Bus Transportation Eligibility Notice sent home with your student last week. Please disregard that notice.

    Missouri Central School Bus, our transportation company, is experiencing a driver shortage and cannot provide bus service for some of our routes. As a result, SLPS has temporarily acquired the routes without drivers and assigned the students to district-contracted cabs and transportation services.

    This door-to-door service will bring your student to and from school each day. Please note that your students may be assigned to different services in the morning and afternoon, but the transportation will be consistent.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This will be the transportation plan for your student(s) until further notice.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at (314) 633-5107. Thank you for being so understanding.

    Students must be ready at least five (5) minutes before pick-up time. Your cab or transport is not considered late until ten (10) minutes after the pick-up time. Please see the numbers below to report any issues.


    For Additional Support:


    Late, no-show, lost items, missed pickup, driver issues:   SLPS Transportation Department (314) 633-5107 or email slpstrans@slps.org

    Address Change Notify School of Address Change:  Contact Your School

    All Transportation concerns: SLPS Transportation Department (314) 633-5107 or email slpstrans@slps.org

    Transportation website https://www.slps.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=993