• Lesson Plan Support...

    • Please contact your content area curriculum specialist for sample lesson plans and additional planning support.
    • The amount of detail on a sample lesson plan is for clarification of planning for teachers.  Where an assignment is described, a teacher may choose to simply add a link to an assignment.  
    • Your synchronous and asynchronous assignments should be succinct and user-friendly.  
    • All links and information posted to the teacher website must be open-source materials.  No copyrighted material can be posted on the teacher website.    
    • If material is copyrighted, do not link that material on the website. Indicate that the resource can be found in the Microsoft Team.  
    • Parents should use their child's username and password information for Microsoft Teams to gain access and review assignment details and information. 
    • When posting a link to Microsoft Teams on your website, please be sure to indicate that the link is for students and families with login information only.  
    • Please note:  The 2022 updates to the lesson planning tool reference UDL as a part of our Cultural Context Differentiation framework. SLPS is at the prime intersection of UDL and Standards-Based Learning and Teaching as, the framework is a proactive way to ensure we are establishing clearly defined standards-based objectives and curating flexible instruction, assessment, and tiered support materials to address the needs and preferences of ALL learners.  While lesson planning, please consider and apply the  following Universal Design to Learning (UDL) principals listed below to ensure the use of a variety of strategies and resources to help meet diverse learning needs, improve accessibility to learning opportunities, and increase student success.  You can visit the National Center on Universal Design for Learning website HERE to find more information resources and examples.

      PRINCIPLE I. PROVIDE MULTIPLE MEANS OF REPRESENTATION - Present information and content in different ways

      PRINCIPLE II. PROVIDE MULTIPLE MEANS OF ACTION AND EXPRESSION - Differentiate the ways that students can express what they know

      PRINCIPLE III. PROVIDE MULTIPLE MEANS OF ENGAGEMENT - Stimulate interest and motivation for learning


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