• K-12 Virtual Schools

    The implementation of SLPS Virtual Schools was a part of the pioneering effort in Saint Louis Public Schools to address the needs of all children anytime, anywhere, any place, any path and any pace. A “virtual school” is defined as a K-12 organization that provides a formal education accessed through the Internet or web-based applications where the learner and instructor are in two physically separate locations.

    The Saint Louis Public Schools Virtual School provided a convenient and flexible way to address student needs in the areas of credit advancement, credit recovery, alternative education, homebound, special education, scheduling conflicts, courses not offered by Saint Louis Public Schools and students not currently served by SLPS. Full time Virtual students and parents are required to participate in 1-3 face to face meetings each week with the Virtual School teachers at the SLPS Virtual School Learning Centers. Part-time Virtual High School students are required to attend the designated computer lab after school in their home high school a minimum of 4 hours per week. Parents are required to attend 2 parent meetings per semester. Parent workshops are conducted bi-monthly.

    For more information, please contact virtual school via email at: charlie.bean@slps.org 
    Acellus Virtual Program: The current Acellus Virtual Program (not to be confused with virtual learning as a result of COVID-19) will end this semester for all SLPS students. It is imperative students complete classes by May 21, 2020, to ensure they receive credit for their coursework. Seniors must complete all coursework by end of the day Friday, May 15, 2020. Please contact your teacher or counselor if you need support completing final assignments. SLPS will resume full-time virtual instruction at the start of the fall semester. The Student Support Office will provide enrollment information after Aug. 1, 2020, via the District's website. If you have any questions, please call Mr. Bean (314-345-4424) or Mrs. Garner (314-345-4470).