Vanessa Hopkins

VHopkinsI have been in education for 18 years, as everything from a paraprofessional to a school principal. As a teacher in Atlanta, I taught ELA and Social Studies while obtaining my Master’s in Education.  I also held teacher leadership roles, such as department chair, and won the "Excellence" award from my school district for increased reading scores. 


I was later accepted into the New Leaders Aspiring Principals Program in 2011, requiring a relocation to Memphis, TN.  After completing my NL residency, I served as Vice Principal and District Literacy Coach.  I won the "Best in District" award for increasing proficiency in literacy 20% as administrator of Reading Plus and the ELA dept.  During this time, I was able to complete my Specialist in Education degree in Education Administration. 


I moved to Syracuse, NY for three years lending my talents to the effort of turning around a struggling school.  As school principal, we received 11 awards during my tenure for:  decreased attrition rates of teachers, family and community involvement, meeting NY State DIIR targets year 1 in literacy and math, most improved teacher attendance and attrition rates district-wide, rigorous restorative practices, and decreased recidivism by 73% (including serious incidents, OSS & ISS).


Contact Information:


Vanessa Hopkins, EdS

SLPS Academics

Professional Development Leadership and Content Coordinator

(314) 327-7938 (District cell)

(314) 345-2568 (Desk)

Leaders are—by definition—change makers.  When you are called to lead, you are called to advance, move forward, and improve the situation.” Clear Picture Leadership