Am I eligible for short-term/long-term disability?

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In April 2004, SLPS employees were given the option to forfeit accumulated sick days to become eligible for short-term disability. Your STD eligibility is based on the option you elected at that time. Below is a summary of the options presented to employees in April 2004:
You became covered by the STD/LTD plans immediately without restrictions and at no cost. The sick leave you accumulated up to April 2004 was forfeited but used by the Retirement System to calculate your eligibility for retirement benefits.
Your sick leave bank balance is available to use for sick days until exhausted. You will be covered by the STD/LTD plans upon the first day you report to work as an active employee in the academic year following exhaustion of your sick leave bank.
The information presented above is a condensed version of the information communicated to employees in April 2004. For specific questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Human Resources division at (314) 345-2379.